Friday, 20 April 2018

Another Way and Works van completed

The weather has been  pretty good for painting of late. It has allowed a few things to be completed in a matter of weeks. This HD van being one of them:
Those with a sharp eye might notice something different about this van compared to the previous photos of it in an unpainted state:
Worked it out yet? No it isn't the beams for the brake shoes but your kinda on the right track. It is in fact the triple valve. When I was studying the prototype photos for the placement of the lettering, I discovered that I had put the valve on the wrong side (it is opposite to the handbrake on this wagon). However the fix was a simple one: simply pry the valve off and attach it to the correct side with a couple of bits of styrene to act as supports (the original moulded ones on the chassis could not be removed intact for re-positioning). I could have left as it was but I wanted it be be as correct as possible. I may put up a picture of the underside in the next post showing how it turned out.
Well HD106 is now ready to join the VGR roster. I still have 2 wagons to go to complete the HD fleet that the VGR currently have: one is the bogie van I have already started and the other...well I'll leave that for now until I actually get the kit required to build it. For now I have already started on the next project which will be of interest to a few followers of the current mainline steam operators in Victoria. 😉


  1. Hi Matt
    Besides the SEM VR Red paint, what other manufactures paint do you recommend?

    1. Hi Shelton. Apologies for the late reply. I paint most of my rollingstock with Humbrol paints. This wagon was painted with Humbrol #100 Red Brown which comes out a little lighter than the SEM paint but is otherwise a reasonable match for the VR wagon red. Plus it can be applied with either an airbrush or a standard small paintbrush.