Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Da D van

Having purchased a Auscision N car set in 2013, my old BGB V/line D van was made redundant as the set came with a D van. Plus the BGB one was looking a little tired with decals and paint wearing off. So I decided it needed a spruce up and a change of colour for it's new role. Auscision BX bogies have been fitted along with the steps that I never bothered fitting years ago (it was my first BGB kit and I was still learning). Here are some progress shots:

So what is the livery planned for this car? Well for now I'm leaving that a suprise but I can tell you it isn't orange.

Pie and Sauce

Travellers on the Bendigo line up until 1981 will remember the Buffet Car 'Taggerty' which formed part of the consist of the "Great Northern Ltd" service. I wasn't lucky enough to enjoy a railway pie served in this car (wasn't even born when it stopped running!) but I always wanted a model of it. Late last year a opportunity to obtain one came up so I did with no hesitation:

The car needs a few things doing to it to get it to a standard I'm happy with (correct bogies for it's final years of running as an example). Will also need to locate and purchase some decals to sign the car correctly but all this will happen after other projects are completed. It is currently listed on my roster 'in storage'.

More contract work

I took on another contract job last year to build some AW/BW cars for a friend. The brief was that they be painted to represent cars preserved by the Yarra Valley Railway at Healesville. So far two cars have been completed and received while the final two are being painted. Shown are some photos of the job thus far:

Once these are done I will be completing two Z vans as part of the same job.

BCE progress

Yes it has been a while since the last blog update so I'm doing a few in succession today. First up: the BCE project. The car has been painted but I'm awaiting some undergear components before painting the underframe. Here it is more or less complete:

Looks good painted with the AW and the Auscision ABE I have in these colours.