Friday, 14 July 2017

Taking a brake….and blocking up

In my previous blog post I showed some of my kit purchases from the Stawell exhibition and noted that at least one of these kits was likely to get done quicker on the basis that I already had parts to complete it. Funny thing is I opted to go with the smaller wagon of the two which required the purchase of a Steam Era Models GY underframe. The kit I’m referring to is shown below:

The HZB wagon was used by the Victorian Railways to transport brake blocks from Newport Workshops (where they were cast) to the country depots to fit to wagons and carriages locally (as oppose to sending said wagon or carriage to Newport to be fitted). They also carried scrap as required. The HZB wagons were converted from GY/HY wagons and at least 3 of the 21 wagons have survived into preservation including HZB292 at Daylesford.
The kit is from Lyndon Trains and only requires a Steam Era Models GY underframe kit (plus the etched handbrake gear) and couplers. Lyndon supplies shunter’s steps, tie-down loops and wire to make handrails. It took me a couple of nights to get the model to this stage, ready for painting:
When finished I will have another item of interest to run in my fleet.

Monday, 10 July 2017

The haul from Stawell

While getting over the weekend activities at the Stawell Exhibition helping operate 'Town & Country', I thought I would put up a picture of my purchases which included a number of wagon kits:
As you can see, Lyndons Trains did ok as I ended up getting a early build NN/VZMA ballast wagon, HZB departmental wagon and some KCC cement containers. The Section 8 water tank and the model truck were prizes at the dinner held for exhibitors and will more than likely find a home on my future planned layout. Of the wagons I have bits already on hand to do the ballast wagon but this might have to wait in line for other projects to clear the workbench. But if the weather isn't much chop for painting it might happen sooner.