Saturday, 19 July 2014

Another J-class? You are Joking right?

Seems not. I'm taking a break from building my oil-burning J-class so I can tackle some other projects. I did decide that if I could get a coal burning version I would get one. About a month ago an opportunity came up to purchase one at a good price. Money was saved and a couple of days ago I picked it up:

The model itself is quite well built and runs nicely. There are a couple of things that will change in time. Things like repainting the engine to represent J515 as it was running on the VGR up until recently (so the red flutes on the rods will remain and new numbers sourced). The cab interior will be picked out in the appropriate colours and a crew installed. A working coupler will be fitted to the front so it can be used with other locos and for shunting. It will fit in with my aim of having rollingstock that runs on the VGR while also filling a gap in my normal roster. Once the changes are made I can hopefully resume work on the oil version.

Looking a bit sheepish Part 2

After working on these wagons for a month, they have finally been completed:

They are now ready for delivery to the client. And the workshop is ready to tackle another project.