Friday, 2 November 2018

Chill out...the T-van is done

Well after about a week in the paint shop the T-van is ready for the road. This has been an interesting job given it required at least 3 colours to do the body/roof.
I'll start off with this photo of the handbrake end before the big reveal. I had a big 'oops' moment on this end during the building phase which resulted in the area around the handrails being absolutely swamped in super glue (note to self: when the glue does not come out the end of the nozzle do not continue to squeeze the tube, it never ends well. Better off to stick with applying the glue with a piece of wire as I had been doing). It cleaned up ok and I would have probably got away with not telling anyone. But hey we all make mistakes and as good as some of my stuff turns out, I'm willing to admit the odd fault or two.

Now I reveal to you the full model:
I have always wanted a advertising T-van. Unlike the U-van variants there were not as many. There was the Victorian Inland Meat Authority (VIMA) as represented by this model, Imperial Meats and finally Tancred Brothers. VIMA has a connection with my home town of Bendigo as they controlled the Bendigo Freezing Works at the current Mayfair Park site between 1942 and the 1970s. Therefore these wagons would have operated to these works at some point.
Photo from Peter J. Vincents site:
The VIMA lettering was found in a box of old decals I had come across a couple of years ago waiting on such a project to come up (unsure who produced them as the sheet did not come with any packaging). The re-release of the SEM T-van kit has allowed me to build a more accurate representation of this wagon with all the trimmings. It will now take it's spot in my collection of freight stock.

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