Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Making a point

With the T-van going through the paint shop presently (and not looking too bad thus far I have to say, even without the lettering on yet) it is time to reveal the other project.

A couple of years ago the local model rail club I'm part of was donated some jigs and materials to make 'Fast Tracks' point/turnout (see this link for more information). It came with the 'fixture', as they call them, to make a #6 point/turnout, Printed Circuit Board sleepers, a filing tool to make the point frog and point blades, several lengths of Code 83 rail, laser-cut wooden sleepers and a tube of Pilobond to stick them to the point along with a helpful CD/DVD on how to construct the assemblies. I decided to make a left-hand one first and here it was early in the build on the fixture:

At this stage the frog was not soldered in place and the point blade rails were yet to be done. These fixtures make the job so much easier than some other hand-made point/turnout kits I have seen. The manufacturer claims that once you become competent you can build a point/turnout in about 45 minutes. Well since this is my first it has taken a bit longer. Thanks to there being bugger all on TV in the evenings (suprise suprise) I have spent about an hour each night over the last 4 days putting it together. Mainly with the help of the supplied CD/DVD which contains plans and how-to videos on each step.

So here is where I'm up to now:
Those with a keen eye will notice a couple of things. It does not have the timber sleepers on yet because I cannot find them at present (at worst I can use PCB ones with the suitable isolation provided). It also does not have the rails cut to provide isolation for the frog yet (it will be done once the point/turnout is fully timbered). The guard rails have been formed and fitted and the point frog soldered in place. The final one is that the point blades and the rails up to the frog are both one piece. You can build these points/turnouts this way or you can have a hinged section closer to the throwbar.

So until I find those timber sleepers I will construct a right-hand one to the same stage as this one. Then they just need a layout to go on.

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