Saturday, 21 June 2014

Looking a bit sheepish Part 1

I seldom build things for other people, most things I build are for me and replaced if I do a better job the second time round. However the opportunity to obtain a missing item of rollingstock in the collection in return for building some wagons is too good to pass up.

The wagons I'm building for the 'client' is some Steam Era Models L type sheep wagons. Released by SEM just over a decade ago, this kit is a challenge and is sure to put the builder in the nuthouse if they intend on building more than 5 of them. As I need to build 3 of them it was obvious the best way to tackle them is a staged production line. Each wagon is built to a certain stage and then the next one to the same stage and so on. Common sense to many I'm sure.

Here is a couple of progress photos to date. It has taken about a week to get to this stage as other life commitments take precedence:

As you can see 3 underframes have been built and 2 bodies built awaiting installation of the upper floor. Work will begin on the 3rd body and then all 3 can have the upper floors installed.