Saturday, 23 March 2013

Guards van and Cattle Class

With a week to go till Easter and the Bendigo Model Railroaders staging an Open Weekend I've set myself a task to complete some wagons in time for running on the club layout.

The ZF guards van is now ready for paint. The handrails, steps and vents on the roof have now been added:

Two weeks ago I attended the Sandown Model Rail Exhibition and was able to pick up the new Steam Era Models M cattle wagon kit. The original kit was as old as the GY before it was upgraded (the original tooling was 30 years old). The upgraded M wagon now includes thinner bracing above the boards and a fret of etched brass components that include shunter's steps, handrails, handbrake and brake rigging. The first it what will hopefully be many more of these wagons is now ready to join the ZF van in the paintshop:

And so begins a busy week to try and have both finished in the next 6 days.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Riveted wagons Part 2 and a guards van

The riveted IZ/RY wagons have now been painted and are ready for traffic:

I decided to make one a IZ with 1950's lettering and the other a RY with post-1970 lettering thus adding some more variety to my wagon fleet.
Meanwhile here is a progress shot of the BGB ZF Guards van:
The bogies will be replaced with more suitable ones for this type of van (the prototype had aligned bogies with a destintive pushrod arrangement on the bogie sides). Detail still to be added include shunter's grabrails, steps under the central doorways and some pipework.