Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Another long winded job completed

This is a project that has taken a while to get around to finishing. Happily I can now say that it is finished.

These two Steam Era Models Z vans have been in the works for at least a year. They are a bit different from the previous one I built for myself as they represent the ZD type which had buffers and dual couplings. This required the use of longer shank couplers on the models so they can still be coupled to other buffered stock without buffer-lock becoming a problem. Finding suitable decals to code them as ZDs was also a small problem but after raiding the decal box I found something suitable (even if slightly too big).

Because this blog was in hiatus when I started building them, here is a couple of photos prior to painting:

And here they are painted, decalled and with the couplers fitted:

For those with a sharp eye you will note that one van (470ZD) has the standard flip-top axleboxes while 19ZD features split-pan axleboxes (which is why the bottom running boards are a bit higher). They are now ready for the patient client who can run them with the 4 W cars I did for them earlier as a complete set.

The next likely job will be finishing the 3 M cattle wagons which will clear my backlog of jobs a little bit.

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